23 February 2011

Red Velvet by Red Sofa

Everything is getting Red. Red is our auspicious color.. as we always believe :P
It's started by the request from some of RedSofa customers (can't you believe it, less than one month, Red Sofa has its own customers!).

Red Velvet is a legendary cake and hard to find here in Jakarta. Some shops have their Red Velvet cupcakes. But RedSofa has the Cake!
Not too dense but moist texture and a good balance of acidity and sweetness, it comes to a beauty touching your mouth.

Using cream cheese as the cream to cover it, tell us what will defeat your need of sweets.

note: food coloring contained.


Tahir Iqbal said...

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Elena said...

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Anora said...

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myrtle said...

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