5 July 2011

Temporarily Closed

Our shop in Jakarta is temporarily closed. It's not the end of world as we are available in Makassar, South Sulawesi with 2 shops and range of yummy sweets.

Thanks for your support to our shop in Jakarta, and see you soon!

23 February 2011

Red Velvet by Red Sofa

Everything is getting Red. Red is our auspicious color.. as we always believe :P
It's started by the request from some of RedSofa customers (can't you believe it, less than one month, Red Sofa has its own customers!).

Red Velvet is a legendary cake and hard to find here in Jakarta. Some shops have their Red Velvet cupcakes. But RedSofa has the Cake!
Not too dense but moist texture and a good balance of acidity and sweetness, it comes to a beauty touching your mouth.

Using cream cheese as the cream to cover it, tell us what will defeat your need of sweets.

note: food coloring contained.

ChocoLove by Red Sofa

What is ChocoLove? What is RedSofa?
First, ChocoLove is the chocolate cookies that's baked in the cups. We call it cupkies. With a dark chocolate taste, a chocolate chunks and raisins, you grab one cupkie and your buds crave more. A very good pair to dark coffee.

Secondly, and the most important thing, Red Sofa. What is it, again?
Red Sofa is an integrated brand of MAMA. I may say it's the premium integrated brand, with special designed packaging by our new business partner, Glenn Marsalim.
Glenn is one of the most regularly award winning person, means, he's quite well-known in the advertising world here in Jakarta. Aren't we lucky enough; when the idea popped up over our casual conversation one day, to launch a good product with nice packaging.

Our first product is ChocoLove, launched to celebrate Valentine's Day. As the whole world celebrate that Love day, so did one of the famous jeweller Frank&Co, celebrated with some couples in Bali, together with RedSofa ChocoLove.

ChocoLove for Frank & Co

What's next? It's going to be coffee flavored cookies. How it will be packed? Wait and see ;)

11 February 2011

21 January 2011

Our Range - updated

click the picture to see details

14 January 2011

Tin Roof Ice Cream

When the chocolate coated peanuts meet with chocolate fudge in the vanilla ice cream, that's the time you call it Tin Roof Ice Cream.

The chocolate coated peanuts will give a sensation while MAMA's signature vanilla ice cream melts in your mouth together with the chocolate fudge.

13 January 2011

Mint Ice Cream

It is one of the most requested flavors, Mint Ice Cream.
We fold our home made chocolate sauce into, so the ice cream has a beautiful look than a plain soft greeny color.
Should be your best mint ice cream ;)