31 August 2010

Our Range

We've been playing, churning and picking the best for our new flavors:
  • Cookie Dough - Classic Range
MAMA's cookie dough recipe to be folded into Vanilla ice cream.
  • Peanut Butter - Classic Range
We love to make our home made peanut butter paste. And for the lover, you can taste the peanut butter even after your glass has been taken from the table!

  • Dates, Rum and Cashew - Premium Range
Inspired by the festive season, Idul Fitri, here you go, not your usual DATE ;)

Some fruit fresheness on MAMA's shelf. Yes, it is Sorbet!
  • Berries Sorbet - Classic Range
Mixed Berry as our first Sorbet in the shelf.
  • Mango Sorbet - Classic Range
It never fails :)

  • ChocolateClassic Range BEST SELLER

If your chocolate should be dark, bitter, so our chocolate ice cream fits to your taste

  • VanillaClassic Range

Churned from vanilla beans, our vanilla is totally a lip smacking!

  • StrawberryClassic Range

With light pink colour, you could see hundreds of the pits in our ice cream. Real strawberry pits!

  • Cookies and CreamClassic Range BEST SELLER

We hand crushed the Oreo cookies and fold into our ice cream

  • Coffee and CaramelClassic Range

Our original mix, between the home made caramel and coffee. The real us! *our very first range of ice cream, but at this moment we should put it in our memories freezer. please check our Almoka chocostripes ;)*

  • Green teaClassic Range BEST SELLER

With a slightly smoky herbal taste with just a hint of bitterness, it's a great antioxidant. Have it after your Chinese or Japanese meal, as our Green Tea ice cream comes from the real matcha (Japanese Green Tea). No artificial flavor, it's a promise!

  • BlueberryClassic Range

Do you like sour? It’s your ice cream!

  • DurianClassic Range BEST SELLER

Indonesia is famous with durian, so we use our local durian. The taste, the smell are the bliss!

  • Rum and RaisinPremium Range BEST SELLER

You could even smell the rum! Or perhaps we should call it Rumrum raisin? ;)

  • KahluaPremium Range BEST SELLER

The artisan is a big fan of this liqueur. Used to pour Kahlua liqueur over the Vanilla ice cream, but suddenly she thought “Why not Kahlua Ice Cream?” Oh, and we mixed with shredded chocolate to give a small kick

  • Coconut and RumPremium Range

Have you ever had this drink by the beach? We mix the shredded coconut and yes, Rum! Exotic!

  • Cheese CakeClassic Range

Do you like the cheese cake? We even fold the pie crust into the cheese cake ice cream.

  • Almoka Chocostripes - Classic Range BEST SELLER
Toasted almond together with chocolate fudge are folded into our strong mocha ice cream

  • Apple Pie - Classic Range BEST SELLER
Taste the chunks of the apple and of course, spices that been folded into it ;)
  • Cashew Toffee - Classic Range
Toffee folded together with toasted cashew. One of the artisan's favorite.
  • Banana Caramel - Classic Range BEST SELLER
Banana lovers, be ready for this!

  • PumpkinPremium Range; frozen only for Christmas and it's best seller for the season!

The flesh of pumpkin mixed with cinnamon. It’s an ultimate holiday taste!

We serve you ; to enjoy our ice cream in any size you like

To enjoy together with your beloved get our 300 gr pint for only
Rp 47,000 (Classic Range) or Rp 55,000 (Premium Range)

Or.. you are a kind of person that cannot share your food? ;) get our single cup for only
Rp 17,000 (Classic Range) or Rp 19,000 (Premium Range)

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