4 February 2010

What is Premium Ice Cream ?

Some customers asked why we put Premium Quality in our ice cream label.
Premium Ice Cream tends to have low overrun and higher fat content than standard ice cream, and using high quality ingredients.

And, many customers asked us whether our ice cream is low fat or not. And with smile they would get the answer as above "it's high fat"(ouch!). Yes, we use a full cream milk, double cream and best ingredients for our ice cream. And, if you looking for a tastier ice cream, why bother for the calories ;)
One important thing is, we make it from scratch. It means we don't use the manufactured ice cream pre-mix to make ice cream custard.

Back to the low overrun in Premium Ice Cream. So what is overrun? The overrun itself means the amount of air that is whipped into the ice cream. If it has low overrun, so the ice cream has a small amount of the air in it and has more ice cream. And, it's not too soft to spoon into.

All ice cream should have overrun, otherwise it will turn into just another solid block of ice :)

Stop by at our shop, have a spoon for a taste of every flavor (yes, you can taste all flavors of our ice cream on the shelf). Or, you just give us a call to have the ice cream delivered to your door step. Don't forget, we make the cones also, so if you feel like to have the ice cream spooned into the cone ice cream, just let us know!

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